Euro Millions is a transnational lotto game played in Belgium, France, the United Kingdom, Austria, Spain, Ireland, Luxemburg, Portugal and Switzerland.

The first draw of Euro Millions took place in Paris on 13th February 2004.

The system of Euro Millions guarantees a minimum jackpot in the amount of 15 million Euros. The biggest jackpot in its history was hit on 3rd February 2006: the stunning 183,573,078.00 Euros divided between three winners.

The lottery tickets are forms providing an option for filling in of up to five combinations of five numbers each. Under each combination there is a second column for selection of two additional “lucky star” numbers from 1 to 9.

Upon the submission of a filled lottery form, the terminal of the licensed operator issues a receipt containing the bet numbers, a unique bet number and barcode. The receipt serves as proof for making the bet. The unique bet number is recorded in the database of EUDORADO.COM irrespective of the selected mode of storing the receipts.

The game comprises a draw of 5 balls from a total of 50. The two “Lucky Stars” are drawn out of the main five numbers from 1 to 9. The profits are divided in thirteen categories, as follows: 

Divisions Match Winning odds
I 5 + 2 stars
1:76 275 360
1:5 448 240
1:3 632 160
1:339 002
1:24 214
1:16 143
1:7 705
II 5 + 1 star
III 5              
IV 4 + 2 stars
V 4 + 1 star
VI 4              
VII 3 + 2 stars
VIII 3 + 1 star
IX 2 + 2 stars
X 3              
XI 1 + 2 stars
XII 2 + 1 star
XIII 2              

Draws take place every Tuesday and Friday.

 Players can submit up to 5 bets with a single lottery ticket, each having a separate combination of “Lucky Stars” or one complete wheel combination of up to 9 numbers. In order to avoid any misunderstandings, EUDORADO.COM does not accept any bets for the additional game Joker+ as well as incomplete wheel combinations systems (including more than one “lucky star” numbers) . By the submission of a single lottery ticket a subscription for up to 5 consecutive weeks may be requested.

The price per one filled combination is 2.00 €. The price of the service provided by EUDORADO.COM is 0.30 € per combination but not less than 1.00 € per each submitted lottery ticket. The price of EUDORADO.COM per combined lottery ticket is 1.00 €. Any requested subscription does not reflect on the price. Irrespective of the subscription of the operator, EUDORADO.COM provides an option for ordering multiple submission of a single lottery ticket. In the latter case, the price of EUDORADO.COM for all the subsequent submissions following the initial one, are reduced by a half.

In order to unify the terminology with that of the other games, EUDORADO.COM use the term “Power Balls” to indicate “Lucky Stars”.