About Eudorado

The first ever known lotto game with numbers appeared in ancient China during the rule of the Han dynasty, between the years 205 and 187 B.C. The game was invented by the emperor Cheung Leung and resembled the game Keno, played in many countries even nowadays. The proceeds from the Chinese lottery were used to erect the Great Wall of China.

In Europe number games became popular during the Renaissance. The first ever documented game of such type was developed in 1434 in the Dutch town Sluis. Over a period of several decades lotteries turn into a popular way of raising funds for public initiatives, such as building chapels and canals. In 1515, at the elections held in Genoa, for the first time written numbers were written on the voting papers instead of names. And exactly then and there the name "lottery"was born, deriving from the Italian word for doom, destiny. A number lottery with cash prizes was organized in 1530 in Florence.

Gradually, the number lotteries called “lotto” spread worldwide. Traditionally, they are very popular in most European countries where they have an important social function related to the financing of sports. Initially, lotto games are mono-national and only the citizens of the countries, in which they are organized, participate. Since the amount of the winnings depends on the total number of bets made, it soon becomes too obvious that the amount of the winnings is considerably larger in the countries with more numerous populations. Thus the so-called “lotto-tourism” emerges. The nationals of smaller countries travel to the nearby larger countries only to take part in a lotto game with big prizes. These processes are further intensified after the establishment of the European Union and especially after the execution of the Schengen Agreement.

The obsession to participate in the lotto games with big winning funds becomes even stronger after the accession of new member-states to the European Union in 2004. Thousands of lotto maniacs from Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Slovenia attack the lotto points of sale in neighboring Germany and Italy. The inrush of lotto tourists has considerably contributed to the record-breaking jackpots in these two countries in recent years.

EUDORADO LTD is an international company registered in Gibraltar and specialized in representing its clients throughout their participation in the most prestigious European state number-lotto games. The company provides an opportunity for thousands of lotto maniacs living in remoter countries to take part in the draws of the most winning lotto games on the Old Continent without having to travel especially for such purpose.

EUDORADO LTD works as a lotto agent, acting on behalf and on account of its clients in relation to their participation in the games.

Through its subsidiaries based in the countries hosting the games, EUDORADO LTD provides the following services:

• filling in game combinations in accordance with the instructions of the client;
• delivery of the documents certifying the participation in the games to the address of the client;
• safekeeping the documents that certify the participation in the games in accordance with the instructions of the client;
• checking the results of the draws and notifying the client if any amounts are won;
• receiving profits from licensed game operators on behalf of the client and proceeding with the amounts won in accordance with the instructions of the client;
• legal representation for the client in respect of any disputes related to the participation in the games, if such arise.

The prices of the services rendered are fixed and do not depend on the game results. The clients receive the full amount of the prizes won.

The company carries on its business through the specialized website EUDORADO.COM.