1. Is EUDORADO.COM an organizer of lotto games?

It isn’t. EUDORADO.COM is a type of courier service organizing the processing of specific documents related to the participation of the clients in licensed European state lotto games.

2. Who can buy tickets for lotto games through EUDORADO.COM?

Eligible to taking part in lotto games through EUDORADO.COM are all legally capable natural persons of legal age. In the countries where the games operated by EUDORADO.COM are organized, this requirement is met by individuals over 18 years old who are not under judicial disability. Every participant must check whether s/he meets these requirements under the laws of his/her native country as well.

3. How are my bets processed?

Our computer systems can process an enormous quality of orders within seconds. Immediately after the receipt of an order, it is forwarded electronically to the relevant regional office. In order to avoid any mistakes, the tickets for participation are printed out via automated system comprising specialized software. Then they are delivered to a courier who submits them to a licensed acceptance point. The numbers of the obtained receipts for the bet are recorded in EUDORADO.COM through special scanners. The clients receive via e-mail a confirmation of the bets made, including the date and number of the draw, the list of the selected numbers and the number of the bet receipt. Then, if the client wishes, the receipt is either sent to his/her address or kept by EUDORADO.LTD.

4. What is the deadline for making a bet?

In view of providing sufficient time for the actual submission of the lottery tickets, the deadline for participation in the games through EUDORADO.COM is 23:00 h. CET on the day preceding the draw date.

5. How can I check the winning numbers?

After publication of the results from each drawing, an automated check for winnings is carried out and the holders of winning tickets receive a notice via e-mail.

6. How can I receive the prize?

Prizes are received depending on the wish of the client – in person or through EUDORADO LTD. If a client whose bet receipt is kept by the company, wishes to receive his/her winning through EUDORADO LTD or if the receipt is kept at the regional office of EUDORADO LTD and the client is willing to get his prize in person, the receipt is sent via specialized courier company. If a client wishes to receive through EUDORADO LTD a winning in excess of 10,000 €, s/he must execute a notarized and legally certified power of attorney to that end.

7. Does EUDORADO LTD deduct any per cent of the profit?

EUDORADO LTD provides their services as per fixed prices and do not deduct any part of the amounts won.

8. Is it certain that I will get my winning if the original of the receipt for participation is kept at the offices of EUDORADO LTD?

EUDORADO LTD makes all possible efforts to protect the title over the receipts for participation in the games. The natural persons working as couriers sign contracts complied with the national legislations of the respective countries, the violation of which entails criminal prosecution. A unique system for storage of the participation receipts is developed at EUDORADO LTD which excludes the possibility for unauthorized access to the receipts for any preceding draws. The bet confirmations received via e-mail may serve as proof in case of litigations in all countries where EUDORADO LTD carries on its business.

9. How can I protect myself from lottery scams on the Internet?

A large number of fraudulent schemes for sending fake notices from world famous lotteries do exist on the Internet. Most often these are notices disseminated through emails notifying the recipient on a large lottery prize won. If you receive such message, first think very carefully whether you have participated in that lottery. In addition, the scam letters always demand that you should pay a certain type of charge in order to receive the prize. Please, bear in mind that none of the state lotteries requires any charges in order to remit the winnings. You can find further information about the great majority of fraudulent schemes at:  lottoscams.blogspot.com/