Terms & Conditions



 1. These rules contain the conditions for access to online services of the web site www.eudorado.com operated by the EUDORADO Limited, a company duly registered in Gibraltar under incorporation number 103867 in the registrar of Companies.

2. EUDORADO Ltd provides a specialized agent service enabling  non –present participation in the largest European official lotteries.

3. EUDORADO Ltd is not an lottery operator and is not subject to gambling licensing in any of the countries in which operates.

4. EUDORADO Ltd provides  service based on the explicit authorization of the participants in licensed gambling. The core service consists of actions for a consideration, performed on behalf of the assignee, related to his/her participation in the official lotteries.

5. Each participant in EUDORADO.COM is obliged to follow strictly and is not entitled to change the rules for participation in the Games, settled by each licensed operator.

6. EUDORADO Ltd undertakes to perform accurately the instructions, received by the assignee.  



7.1. Right to authorize  EUDORADO Ltd to act on his/her behalf and on his/her account shall have any able-bodied individual of full legal age.

7.2. The requirements stated in the paragraph above, must be fulfilled concurringly pursuant to the legislation of the state, whose citizen is the individual, and the legislation of the state, where the seat of the licensed promoter of the particular lottery is situated.

(3) In some countries (eg Australia, Israel, USA), making bets and mediation related to them, are subject to legal restrictions, even banned in some cases. Before resorting to the services of EUDORADO Ltd each participant in lotteries should verify the legality of his/her participation in the gambling through EUDORADO.COM and declare the absence of legal restrictions for participation in the games. EUDORADO Ltd is not responsible for any violation of the legislation of any country occurred as a result of false statement of a participant in the games.

8. Each user of EUDORADO.COM shall be identified by an e-mail address and password.

9. After the explicit acceptance of these terms and conditions, all future instructions, that follow upon entry into EUDORADO.COM site with an e-mail address and password, shall be considered signed by the same via digital signature.

10. EUDORADO Ltd provide the following services:

10.1. Filling in a manner specified by the assignee of paper bet form for participation in licensed lotteries on behalf of and on the account of the assignee.

10.2. Payment of the price due and filing of  bet forms within the network of the  relevant licensed operator of lotteries.

10.3. Keeping of the tickets of submission of betting slips according to the instructions of the assignee.

10.4. Delivery to the assignee of the tickets of submission of the betting slips.

10.5. Checking results of the Circulations and duly notification of the assignee for amounts earned.

10.6. Receipt of profits on behalf of the assignee and operating with the amounts received as per the instructions of the assignee.

10.7. Representing of the assignee before the relevant licensed operator in case of disputes and claims raised with regards to his/her participation in the game.



11. The assignee notifies EUDORADO Ltd for the bets, which wishes to be made via their entry in the specialized website page.

12. EUDORADO Ltd may set a shorter  deadline for participation in draws of the games than the one prescribed by her ooperator.

13. EUDORADO Ltd may limit the participation of the assignee in additional games related to the main game (wild symbols, lucky numbers, etc.), when it considers that such participation can lead to misunderstandings between the parties, or could create conditions for occurrence of errors.

14. EUDORADO Ltd may limit the participation of the assignee in the Games, by means of systems for partial combining,  as it may be a reason for occurrence of errors.

15. After the deadline for submission of bets for the current drawing expires, the representatives of EUDORADO Ltd in  the country of conducting the game,  complete the betting slips in a manner following the instructions of the assignee and submit them through the network of delivery points of the licensed game operator together paying in full-size the value of the betting slips.

16. After the successful submission of the relevant betting slip, EUDORADO.COM shall send to the assignee an e-mail containing the name of the beneficent, the number and date of the issue, played numeric combinations, the number of circulations for participation, the value of the bet and  the number of the control receipt, issued by the licensed operator of the game.


 Storage of the betTING tickets  

17. EUDORADO Ltd maintain a system for keeping and identification of the documents evidencing the submission of the betting slips, in its representation offices in the countries where it operates.

18. The documents evidencing the submission of the betting slips are stored in accordance with the instructions of the assignee: until its dispatching to the customer or until checking and obtaining the profits. Betting tickets that are not profitable, shall be kept for a period of one month as from the date of drawing.



19. For the delivery of the documents to the assignees, EUDORADO Ltd shall use at its discretion the services of postal and courier operators.


CHECKing the results

20. Not later than 24 hours after the official publication of the results of the drawing by the licensed operators of gambling, EUDORADO.COM check the numbers struck, estimates amounts earned and notifies winners via email.


Taking profits

21. EUDORADO Ltd can receive profits from oficial operators on behalf of the assignee. For receipt of profits amounting to over € 5,000 some operators may require explicit notarized and legalized power of attorney and a certified copy of the identity card of the winner.



22.1 The prices applied by EUDORADO Ltd are composed by three components:
Price of the licensed operator of the game;
B) Cost of
the service, provided by EUDORADO Ltd;
C) Postage expenses

22.2 Prices of the licensed operators and services, provided by EUDORADO Ltd are described in details in the chapter "Information for the game" for each game.

22.3. Prices for postage are as follows:
A) For sending documents to EU country - 2.00 €;
B) For sending documents to another European country - 2.50 €;
C) For sending documents outside Europe - 5.00 €

23.1. Payment for the services of EUDORADO Ltd shall be withdrawn  by the personal  account of each assignee.

23.2 The personal account is an integral part of the data required for the registration of the customer in EUDORADO.COM.             

23.3. Each participant shall pay in advance the services provided with money transfer through payment systems used by EUDORADO.COM or via bank transfer.      

23.4 Participants in the games may authorize EUDORADO Ltd to deposit in their personal deposit accounts all or part of the profits earned.           

23.5. Each participant is entitled at any time to obtain all or part of the holdings of his/her personal deposit account in a way convenient for him/her.

 24. Charges, related with the transfer of funds to and from the personal account shall be borne by the holder.

 25. Personal accounts shall be kept in Euro.

Chapter Nine


26. EUDORADO Ltd shall use its best efforts to follow strictly the instructions of the assignees. In order to be avoided errors in processing the applications are used specialized technical equipment - printers, barcode scanners and others.

27. When due to force majeure circumstances, delays in the e-mail, error of the technical equipment or employee of EUDORADO Ltd, a sent application can not be performed timely and accurately, EUDORADO Ltd shall be liable for any amount paid, including the value of the bet, the value of the service of  EUDORADO Ltd and the cost of postage.

Chapter Ten


 28. Any information that may directly or indirectly reveal the identity of the assignee constitutes personal data.
 29. By accepting these terms and conditions the assignee agrees EUDORADO Ltd keep his/her personal data solely for the purposes of the services stated above.

30. Personal information collected by EUDORADO Ltd can be kept and processed in any country in which EUDORADO Ltd or its affiliates, subsidiaries or agents operate.

31. EUDORADO Ltd may disclose personal information of the assignee  without his/her prior consent if it is a legal requirement of the legislation of any of the  country where it operates.

32. EUDORADO LTD shall be liable for damages caused by unconfirmed by  the assignee reveal of personal data to third parties.

Chapter Eleven


34. Regarding the relations between the assignee and EUDORADO Ltd shall be applicable the provisions of the legislation of the country where is accomplished the authorization for actions related to participation in the Games.

35. Regarding the relations between  EUDORADO Ltd and operators of licensed lotteries shall be applicable the provisions of the legislation of the country, where are occurring the activities related to participation in the Games.