SuperEnalotto is one of the European lotto games accumulating the biggest jackpots. It is a successor of the original game Enalotto, invented in the year 1949 by the Florentine citizen Dante Benedetti.

 The first draw of SuperEnalotto in its present-day format took place on 3 December1997.

The system of SuperEnalotto provides for the formation of a reserve fund feeding the jackpot in the first draw after it has been won. The biggest jackpot in its history was hit on 22nd August 2009: 147,807,299.08 Euros.
The lottery tickets are forms providing an option for filling in of up to five combinations of five numbers each.

Upon the submission of a filled lottery form, the terminal of the licensed operator issues a receipt containing the bet numbers, a unique bet number and barcode. The receipt serves as proof for making the bet. The unique bet number is recorded in the database of EUDORADO.COM irrespective of the selected mode of storing the receipts.

The game consists in drawing 6 balls out of a total 90. After the main six numbers a seventh additional one is drawn as well and is also included in the winnings determination. The prizes are divided into five categories, as follows:


Divisions Match Winning odds
I 6
1:622 614 630
1:103 769 105
1:1 235 346
1:11 907
II 5 + 1
IV 4
V 3

Draws take place every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

 By a single lottery ticket a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 5 bets can be submitted, each having a separate combination of “Lucky Stars” or one complete wheel combination of up to 11 numbers. In order to avoid any misunderstandings, EUDORADO.COM does not accept any bets for the additional game Superstar. By the submission of a single lottery ticket a subscription for up to 15 consecutive draws can be requested.

The price for one filled in combination is 0.50 €. The price of the service provided by EUDORADO.COM is 0.30 € per combination, but not less than 1.00 € for each submitted lottery ticket. The price of EUDORADO.COM for a combined lottery ticket is 1.00 €. Any requested subscription does not reflect on the price.

Irrespective of the subscription of the operator, EUDORADO.COM provides an option for submission of one and the same lottery ticket. In such case, the price charged by EUDORADO.COM for all the subsequent submissions after the initial one is reduced by a half.