El Gordo de La Primitiva


The first draw of El Gordo de La Primitiva took place on 21 October 1993. It is organized by the Spanish Organismo Nacional de Loterías y Apuestas del Estado (ONLAE). The current rules apply since 2005 when 8 prize categories were introduced with a fixed lump sum of the prizes in the eighth category.

 The greatest prize won was the jackpot of 27,152,932.43 € hit on 16th March, 2008. The tickets provide an option for filling in up to six combinations of five numbers from 1 to 54.

Upon the submission of a filled lottery form, the terminal of the licensed operator issues a receipt containing the bet numbers, a unique bet number and barcode. The receipt serves as proof for making the bet. The unique bet number is recorded in the database of EUDORADO.COM irrespective of the selected mode of storing the receipts.

The game consists in drawing 5 balls from a total of 54. After the main six numbers, a seventh one is drawn as well – a Clave which is also included in the determination of winnings.

The prizes are divided into nine categories, as follows: 

Divisions Match Winning odds
I 5 + Clave
1:31 625 100
1:3 513 900
1:129 082
1:14 342
1:2 689
1: 10
II 4
III 4 + Clave
IV 4
V 3 + Clave
VI 3
VII 2 + Clave
IX Clave

Draws take place every Sunday.

 Up to six bets and one clave, or one complete wheel combination of up to 11 numbers may be submitted with a single lottery ticket. The operator does not offer subscription.

The price of one filled combination is 1.50 €. The price of the service provided by EUDORADO.COM is 0.30 € per combination, but not less than 1.00 € per each submitted ticket. The price of EUDORADO.COM for a combination ticket is 1.00 €.

EUDORADO.COM provides the opportunity to order a multiple submission of one and the same ticket. In the latter case, the price of EUDORADO.COM for all subsequent submissions following the first one is reduced by a half.

In order to unify the terminology with that of the other games, the term "Power Ball" is used in EUDORADO.COM to indicate clave.