The first draw of the contemporary game Lotto 6 aus 49 was held in Hamburg on 9 October 1955. Currently the game is organized by the German lotto and toto block, a corporation uniting 16 regional operators.

The greatest winning was drawn on 7 October 2006: a jackpot in the amount of 37, 688, 291.80 Euros.
The lottery tickets are forms providing an option for filling in up to 12 combinations of six numbers each, within the range from 1 to 49. In the bottom left corner of the form the serial number, the last number of which is called “Supernumber” is printed in advance, as it also takes part when the winnings are determined. Clients may freely select the form to fill in, which practically makes the “Supernumber” selectable as well.

 Upon the submission of a filled lottery form, the terminal of the licensed operator issues a receipt containing the bet numbers, a unique bet number and barcode. The receipt serves as proof for making the bet. The unique bet number is recorded in the database of EUDORADO.COM irrespective of the selected mode of storing the receipts.

 The game consists in drawing 6 balls out of a total of 49. Among the main six numbers a seventh additional one is drawn as well and it is also included in the determination of winnings. In order to win within the highest first category, a coincidence needs to occur between the subsequently drawn "Supernumber" from balls numbered 0 to 9 with the last number of the serial number of the lottery ticket.
The winnings are divided into eight categories as follows:

Divisions Match Winning odds
I 6 + Supernumber
1:139 838 160
1:15 537 573
1:2 330 636
1:55 491
1:22 197
1:1 083
II 6
III 5+1
IV 5
V 4 + 1
VI 4
VII 3 + 1

Drawings take place every Wednesday and Saturday.

In order to avoid any misunderstandings EUDORADO.COM does not accept any bets for the additional games SPIEL 77, Super 6 and GlücksSpirale, neither incomplete wheel combination systems. The accepted maximum numbers that may be included in a complete wheel combination is 11. By the submission of a single lottery ticket a subscription may be requested for up to 8 consecutive weeks.

The price of the the German lotto and toto block for every filled in combination is 0.75 € plus 0,25 €  per slip for the regional operator. The price of the service provided by EUDORADO.COM is 0.35 € per combination, but not less than 1.25 € per each submitted lottery ticket. The price of the regional operator is included in the price. The price of EUDORADO.COM for a combined lottery ticket is 1.25 €.

EUDORADO.COM provides an option for ordering a multiple submission of one and the same lottery ticket. In the latter case, the price of EUDORADO.COM for all the subsequent submissions following the first one is reduced by a half.

In order to unify the terminology with that of the other games, EUDORADO.COM use the term “Power Ball” to indicate “Supernumber”.