How to play


When you select “Submit a slip” from the submenu of a certain game, the following tables are displayed in the main window of the system:

1. Available numbers
2. Game zone
3. PB (only if the selected game comprises “Power Ball” number/numbers)

The mouse is on the first position from the first line of the game zone. When you click with the mouse on a number in the table “available numbers”, the selected number is highlighted as used and appears in the respective cell in the game zone where the mouse is placed.

When you click on a filled cell in the game zone, same is cleared and the respective number in the table “available numbers” is freed.

The selection of “Power Ball” is made analogically to that of the main numbers.

Each line in the game zone corresponds to one wheel combination from the ticket for the respective game.
Under the tables there is a checkbox “combination ticket”. If selected, only one line remains in the game zone, consisting of such number of cells as is the maximum permitted amount of numbers for complete wheel combination for the relevant game.
In the bottom of the window there are dropdown menus “subscription” and “repeat”. They are used to select how many consecutive draws the player wants to participate in.

If “subscription” is selected, a single ticket is submitted, while the repeated submissions are proceeded by the licensed game operator.

If “repetitions” is selected, a single ticket is submitted a number of times by EUDORADO LTD.