Guaranteed income from EUDORADO

You may receive guaranteed additional income through EUDORADO. The only thing you have to do is recruit a greater number of your relatives, friends, colleagues to play in EUDORADO through your account. In the end of each month your account will be credited with a part of the charge collected by EUDORADO for submission of the lotto tickets:

- for more than 25 tickets per month – 10% of the charge;

- for more than 50 tickets per month – 20% of the charge;

- for more than 75 tickets per month – 30% of the charge;

- for more than 100 tickets per month – 40% of the charge;

Is it much or little? Judge for yourself.

The games included in EUDORADO are played in 12 drawings a week or 36 drawings a month. If you recruit only three friends who play with one ticket for each drawing of each game, this makes 108 tickets a month, which will bring you an earning of at least 43,2 € a month. And you could have as many as 30 friends...