10 reasons to play through Eudorado

1. Through EUDORADO you can participate in the European state lottery games with the biggest prize funds.

2. The probability to win is the same as with the games in the smaller countries and yet the winnings are manifold higher.

3. The lotteries are organized in European states with established traditions for ensuring public control and transparency upon the results drawing procedure.

4. EUDORADO is the cheapest and safest way to take part in these games if you are not a resident of the country of their organization.

5. With EUDORADO you can win even if you have not guessed a single number in the games.

6. EUDORADO checks your tickets instead of you and immediately lets you know the amounts won.

7. EUDORADO uses the most modern technologies for process automation which almost completely excludes the possibility of errors.

8. EUDORADO works with minimum service charges and does not receive any percentage of your winnings.

9. The received winnings are exempted from taxes irrespective of the nationality of the winning participant.

10. You will definitely not win only if you do not play.